Immigration New Zealand - Migrant Experience Stories Web Videos

I was really happy to be contracted by 90 Seconds to shoot three migrant experience stories for Immigration New Zealand. The immigrants were based in Invercargill, Queenstown and Lowburn, near Cromwell and all came from different places throughout the world, each bringing unique specialised skills to their new regions.

The second camera on the Queenstown and Lowburn shoots was operated by Mark Orton and the series was edited by Eddy Fifield.

The series is produced to give potential immigrants to New Zealand an insight into the experiences of these immigrants who have been through the process. They highlight some of the challenges and differences they have found along the way along with the many positives they are experiencing as they build a new life in New Zealand. 

All the participants had a great energy about them and their stories made me feel proud and privileged to have been born in and live in New Zealand.

Along with being available on the Immigration New Zealand YouTube channel, they are often shared on the ‘New Zealand Now - Immigration NZ’ Facebook page.

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