Ashley and the Riot - I Trust You Do You Trust me? Social Experiment Web Video

Ashley King got in touch with me to see if I would be able to film and edit her attempt at the social experiment 'I trust you, do you trust me? Hug me'. She set herself up in Wall Street Mall, Dunedin.

I tried my best to act as a 'fly on the wall' in terms of filming the action from a distance as to keep the experience as natural as possible. It was one of the most fascinating situations I have had the privilege of viewing through my camera.

Ashley is a very brave and inspiring young lady who is setting up 'Ashley and the Riot' as a group focussing on the fundamentals of social good. 

As I was so impressed by Ashley's attitude and this being a starting point of an organisation that has the potential to do really positive things for the community and society in general I was happy to donate my time and resources to this project.