Otago Museum - Bugs: The Mega World of Minibeasts Exhibition Videos

The Otago Museum had quite an extensive brief for the video components they wanted to include in this special exhibition.

We produced four original mini documentaries that told very interesting and unique stories about bugs. One was about the company Betta Bees, who use artificial insemination to breed their commercial queen bees. Genetics Otago featured in another video which showed how they use insects to help them learn about human genetics. AgResearch was the subject of one of the videos, where they explained how they are using an Irish Wasp to control the pest known as the Clover Root Weevil. Tony Harris, who has been an Entomologist all his life was the subject of the final video. The four videos were displayed on one large touch screen so that the viewers could select which video they would like to watch. 

As well as that, I also edited and added graphics to many other videos illustrating different topics such as ‘bugs eating’ and ‘bugs flight’ using stock footage from NHNZ.

This was a fascinating project to work on and the exhibition was a great success.